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The latest news regarding Space Ruckus is gathered here. Convenient, huh? A wider range of updates from various team members can often times be found on the forum.

Happy Holidays! (0 Comments)
Friday, December 20th, 2013

Happy holidays from! May your holidays be bright and merry, and may all your heart's desires be met.

Space Ruckus' developers have moved on to other things over the years, but I am almost certain that they are together in spirit for the holidays. Be on the lookout for Micheal Cross' A Night at Camp Ravenwood in 2014: Everyone else at camp will definitely be on the lookout! Micheal was and is the greatest concept artist in which Space Ruckus ever had, and his new game is sure to be a hit. If you happen to be in the mood for some awesome game and film music, also be certain to check out Aubrey Young's music site: Aubrey once composed a few tracks for Space Ruckus, and they are still the very best in the project's collection. And for those that missed it, the Space Ruckus site received a face lift this year, but it had less to do with Space Ruckus itself and more to do with building a slightly better template for use in other places. All things considered, it is still a prettier vault for all that old content!

As for Space Ruckus' very own Bill Grig, he looks on from Ralin V with a smile on his face. Peace has come to his and the Velorian people. All that war effort was really just a drain on both economies. Working together has accomplished so much more for both races. They have nearly wiped out all diseases! It would seem that the Velorians still do not care much for the Ralin V fleet's silly helmet design, though. You cannot win them all!

Peace to everyone this holiday season, and a very happy new year!

A Day at Goalsoft (0 Comments)
Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Meet A Day at Goalsoft (circa 2001 AD/CE), which inspired the later stories I wrote about Gridline Games. The "game" was never finished, and used a bunch of pre-existing art from RPG Maker, but it apparently had a story of some sort... My recent spiritual successor to A Day at Gridline Games, A Final Day at Gridline Games, touched on some of the more alien bits. Also, I haven't the faintest clue who the narrator is in this one. He looks like an FBI agent...

PS. There is now a prequel to A Final Day at Gridline Games:
Departing a Day at Gridline Games

A Day at Goalsoft
An introduction scene. So much needless exposition!

A Day at Goalsoft
An introduction scene. My grammar has improved since then.

A Day at Goalsoft
An introduction scene. Hmm... Game... Footage...

A Day at Goalsoft
Asking Dave about Marlon's whereabouts. Smartass!

A Day at Goalsoft
Checking the bathroom to see if Marlon is in there...

A Day at Goalsoft
Asking James about Marlon's whereabouts. Yeah, that sounds like Marlon...

A Day at Goalsoft
Asking Israel about Marlon's whereabouts. Oh, no! Not the packaging room!

A Day at Goalsoft
Marlon, what the hell happened to the packaging room?

A Day at Goalsoft

A Day at Goalsoft
That sounds like a good plan...

A Day at Goalsoft
We can go through the cafeteria... I think Marlon just wants a snack!

A Day at Goalsoft
Now, this sounds like something straight out of A Day at Gridline Games!

A Day at Goalsoft
They really should have listened to Marlon and I!

A Day at Goalsoft
Damn straight!

A Day at Goalsoft
Careful, the game crashes entering the lobby! Therefore, Goalsoft is screwed!

General: Another Web Site Update (0 Comments)
Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Much time has passed since last we saw an update to the design of Space Ruckus: The Official Site. Earth presidents have been elected and re-elected, entire planets have come and gone, and Hostess stopped making Twinkies. In actuality, it was last revised on February 22nd, 2009 with some very minor changes to the design originally developed in July of 2008. I still think that the CSS, HTML and PHP code are robust enough for another go, so things have only slightly been reworked under the hood. The most obvious changes come in the form of a revised logo, background art by Micheal Cross (previously used with permission for The Grig Post), and an additional bar that includes Google Search as well as a number of links to social media networks in which the Space Ruckus project has touched base with. This update also makes a few corrections to the various media pages. Nothing spectacular. Just a few dead link fixes and updated embed code for YouTube videos. As you may have noticed, the forum is still in need of a face lift. That update will come at a later time.

General: Another Web Site Update
Space Ruckus: The Official Site v2.5

For you history buffs out there (or readers with far too much time on their hands), the original 1.0 and 2.0 web sites have been archived at (Pre-2008) and (Post-2008) respectively.

General: Another Web Site Update
Space Ruckus: The Official Site v2.1

It must be noted that this is not necessarily a sign of things to come. Development of the game has been at a standstill for a number of years now, but beginning in 2011, I made public a number of media assets that began to shed light on the project. If and when time permits, I personally intend to write a full length article about the game's development, with all the juicy bits left intact.

In truth, I made this revision, more or less, because I wanted an updated template to use for a few other web sites that I intend to build. One of them is already under construction.

The Great Invasion: Design Document Release (0 Comments)
Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I hope that everyone is in a reading mood. A first draft of the Story Documentation and Gameplay Documentation for Space Ruckus: The Great Invasion is now available to the public. But that is not all! A 2009 rewrite of the core story, better known as the Storyboard Documentation, is also now available. It expands on the original document, and even contains handy pictorial links for further illustration.

The Great Invasion: Media Release #3 (0 Comments)
Saturday, January 15th, 2011

At one time or another, some may have questioned if we were actually designing a 3D game, or for that matter, if we were designing a game at all. With today's Model Release, it is my hope that, at the very least, the former of those two questions will be put to rest. In addition to this, a number of now ancient Programming Assets have been unearthed. Also, as long as you are here, feel free to check out the new Media Center, where you can preview various types of content from Space Ruckus: The Great Invasion.

As a side note, this will be the last of the major releases, but I will continue to release minor things, such as design documents, plot outlines, and other stuff that has accumulated dust over time.

The Great Invasion: Media Release #3 The Great Invasion: Media Release #3

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